Nutrition is much more than just part of a successful health and fitness program, it’s the foundation on which a successful and sustainable program is built!  A great nutrition consultant knows this and can guide you on your food journey. Training accounts for about 20% of the results you achieve but the rest, a whopping 80%, comes to knowing what, when and how to eat. 


Is Power

I became fascinated by that 80% and wanted to learn more about how to make it work for me. Interest quickly turned to passion and in 2015 I completed my studies in Human Nutrition at Deakin University.  In this day and age it seems all you need is a good food blog and suddenly you’re a nutrition consultant.  I found myself wanting more than that for my clients.  I offer you my personal journey, my understanding of the challenges and victories you’ll face and more than that – I offer you my personal training certification and my qualifications as a nutritionist in Sydney.

As a Nutritionist I keep up to date with new studies and research and incorporate this information into my program.

My clean eating diet and exercise plan is based on facts, not fads, and with my support and guidance it will help you reach your goals.

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Are Your Goals

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You can’t reach your goals until you define what they are and, at the start of your journey, that’s hard to do. Let’s turn vague statements like ‘losing weight’, ‘having a healthier relationship with food’ or ‘being fitter’ into clear, measurable and achievable goals. As your nutrition consultant, I can coach you through the process of clarifying your health goals and show you the role nutrition can play in reaching them. I’ve been through this process myself and understand very well how hard it can be.

Setting clear goals will help you maintain the motivation to overcome any obstacles that you encounter. Sometimes you go over them, sometimes you go around them, sometimes you go through them but I am determined that, with my nutrition advice, you will move past them.


What Macros Are And When To Eat Them

Macros is short for macronutrients. These are carbohydrates, proteins and fats which are the energy dense building blocks of our diets. They are the fuel in our tanks and help manage feelings of hunger and satiety. Keeping track of macronutrients is an easier and more effective nutrition strategy for weight loss and fitness than counting calories.

Knowing how to properly fuel your body feels powerful and it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of it. I will teach you how to balance these macros in your diet and help you learn the skills to make better food choices. You’ll be comparing macros like a pro in no time!

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That's The Macro

Now The Micro, Micro What?

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Gut health is not the first thing people think of when they are considering weight loss. It’s not even the second or third thing but we are discovering that it plays a very important role.

Scientists first confirmed the link between a poorly balanced microbiome and obesity in 2006 and since then it has been a popular topic for scientific research.

The more we learn the clearer it becomes that a healthy gastrointestinal tract is important for general health, protects the body from infection and increases the absorption of essential nutrients from the food we eat.

A great nutritionist will guide you on good nutrition and good nutrition is at the heart of good gut health. I have developed my diet and exercise plan, clean eating recipes and training program with this in mind.



You can start right now. Imagine you have your nutrition consultant standing next to you in your kitchen. Look at your kitchen and have a look at how you are choosing to feed yourself. Think about the items you reach for regularly and clear out the things that are holding you back. Stock your fridge with fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats and your pantry with staples that you can use to prepare meals that are delicious, filling and nutrient dense. Try my clean eating recipes, follow my portion control recommendations, learn your macros and it won’t take long to start seeing results!

I am excited to be sharing this journey with you and will regularly add new recipes and nutrition articles to help you reach your goals.

Motivation is the basis for change and I will tailor your program to your exact requirements. Explore your options now or get in touch for more information.